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When we set out to create our gin, we wanted to capture the beauty and nature of Abersoch and the surrounding area. This corner of North Wales holds special memories for so many, from first-time visitors to regular frequenters, and those who are lucky enough to call this place home. So it was important for us to honour this in our gin. We hope that wherever you enjoy an Abersoch G&T, you are reminded of this little slice of paradise.


We have taken inspiration from the fresh flora surrounding Abersoch to form the base of our gin. Juniper is at the heart of our blend, providing that signature gin undertone. Combining herbal notes of Thyme, Heather and Nettle creates it’s unique character. These aromatic notes are balanced with lemon peel and meadowsweet to give a refreshing flavour.


All of our spirits are handcrafted using our 200 litre still. Distilling in smaller batches allows us to produce a high quality, smooth heart of distillation. The quality we’ve achieved is something we’re very proud of, and a testament to the dedication and perfection we continually strive for.


Our carefully selected botanicals are added to our still and left to macerate overnight, to ensure the full flavour profile is realised. The next day the still is fired up, with continuous supervision, nosing & tasting, to ensure consistency in the spirit.

Our spirit is filtered through granite rocks from the local quarry. Filtering through the rocks creates a gin of significant clarity with a smooth finish.

Once the still reaches the optimum temperature, we collect the spirit, ensuring we only gather from the ‘heart’ of the distillation. This provides regularity across our batch.

Post-distillation, our spirit is cut with Welsh spring water, to bring the spirit down to the desired 43% ABV. We follow this method with absolute precision, to produce the finest Welsh craft gin.

Once the gin is cut, we hand-fill and hand-label every bottle, taking pride in our craftmanship.


A G&T is a timeless classic, but to take your drink to the next level we have recommended how our Abersoch Gin is best served. Enjoy!


Ideally, use a Copa de Balon glass. The unique shape of the glass makes your gin taste better as the depth of the glass helps collect the botanical scents of the gin. The glass can accommodate plenty of ice and garnish, which enhances the aromas of the gin and keeps your drink colder for longer.


Start by filling your glass up with a generous amount of ice. Measure a double shot of Abersoch Gin, 50ml, and pour over the ice. Top up with an Indian Tonic and gently swirl together. Garnish with a generous sprig of Thyme, this will enhance the herbal notes of your gin. Then sit back and enjoy your Abersoch G&T.

Iechyed Da!

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